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China Isolation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association with CCPITBM
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China International Wall Insulation Products and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "CIWIEXPO CHINA”)  is uniquely postioned as the first and only international platform in china showcasing the entire industry chain's new technology, materials, products and equipment amongst its comprehensive exhibit scope of all internal and external wall insulation related products. Which gathering participations of China and the international well-known insulation materials production and marketing companies of rock wool, Rock & slog wool, Mineral Wool, Glass wool, Foamed Cement, Aluminum silicate fiber, Calcium silicate, Asbestos foam, Cellular plastic, Expanded vermiculite, Expanded perlite, Composite insulating silicate dope, Extruded polystyrene (XPS), Expandable polystyrene (ESP), Polyurethanes(PU), Sound absorption products, Lightweight construction board, Micro bead products, Diatomaceous products, rock wool production line, EPS production line with special machinery.European and American exhibitors are using this show as their gateway to markets in Asia.

“In 2014, We are honored to cooperate with building materials associations to hold CIWIEXPO China With the current global concern on climate change, we believe that new wall materials including insulation products with technology for environment protection will be more and more important to the world’s development in the next ten years.  As China becomes the largest construction country, it is our responsibility to provide energy-saving and green building materials, especially new wall materials as key factor for establishing a resource preservation and environment-friendly society, which sets the ideal background for this strategic cooperation. Working closely between industry, we will endeavor to provide a robust trade platform for the exploration of more effective building materials solutions,” Says Mr. Zhou Zhizhou, vice president, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council.

One of the CIWIEXPO China organizer, Mrs. Li Qing, the secretary of CIEFM, on behalf of China Insulation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association (CIEFMA) stated: "For strengthen mutual learning and exchange building insulation between industry and enterprises, to achieve the good technology connection with production, and to promote the thermal insulation material in energy saving and emission reduction effect. I uphold the exhibition playing a positive role in the recommendation of products and excellent service to social enterprise, improvement the social awareness of insulation industry, and the promotion for the progress of technology, the development of scientific industry."

China Isolation and Energy Efficiency Material Association (CIEEMA, formerly China Heat & Sound Materials Association) was founded in 1987, as one of supporting associations attached to the National Administration for Building Materials. It is an independent nonprofit industrial association with more than 600 members, which was legally registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. CIEEWA is mainly engaged in producing, designing, and researching insulation materials.

CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council (CCPITBM) is the authorized and most important institution for the promotion of foreign trade and introducing of advanced foreign technologies in China for building materials industry, which has conducted thousands of activities of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation in various forms with more than 200 countries and regions, and established long-term cooperation relationship.

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