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IZOTEH--Global Insulation equipment supplier
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The construction of industrial plants undertaken by IZOTEH is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology. CAD/CAM & CAE are implemented during the design and fabrication of the equipment.

Simulations of the occurring processes are modelled with the CFD software covering fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena. Object-oriented modelling and simulation are also applied by utilizing OOP tools.

The vision of IZOTEH is to become one of the leading European companies offering the complete engineering required for the construction of industrial plants. Its mission is to develop state of the art solutions in the fields of civil engineering, industrial appliances and food processing.

Thermal insulation

- IZOTEH can design, fabricate and erect complete stone wool production lines with the capacity up to 12 t/h and nominal line width up to 2.4 m. Generally, the production program comprises boards, felts, stitched mats, pipe sections, reinforced cords and special products made of needled felts for various industrial applications. The final product range and quality undoubtedly depend on the scope of the equipment built into the production line.

- The large majority of stone wool in the world is produced by utilising coke for the melting of raw materials (stones). In addition to the coke fired melting furnaces (i.e. Cupola Furnaces), IZOTEH can build stone wool production lines on the basis of natural gas fired melting furnaces (i.e. Gas Furnaces). The choice depends on the current gas and coke prices at the new plant site.

- Stone wool is considered to be one of the best materials for heat and sound insulation and fire protection. The main advantages of stone wool are low thermal conductivity, non-combustibility and not supporting combustion, high temperature resistance, good sound insulation, resistance to microorganisms, chemical neutrality, steam permeability, water repellency, etc.

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